Mixed Use Development Renovation – Prairie Street Brew House Mixed Use Development, Rockford, IL

Summary. Innovative Engineers of Iowa City recently completed a renovation in Rockford, Illinois of the Brew House building. The project provides a good example of mixed use space.

Project Scope. The project consists of renovating the existing Brew House building  to house retail, office, restaurant, residential, and community space.  Construction of the project has already started on a very limited basis and is slated to continue in earnest with the start of the new year.  A new single pipe geothermal heat pump HVAC system will be installed to provide primary heating and cooling for the facility with additional systems as required to serve the restaurant areas.  New plumbing systems are to be installed to serve the remodeled areas.  The existing sprinkler system is to be modified and expanded to meet the requirements of the renovated building.  The existing electrical service will be replaced with a new electrical service to accommodate the power demands of the re-purposed areas.  Lighting design will be provided to meet requirements of each new area.  Our services will also included design and construction administration of all the MEP and fire sprinkler systems.

Project Budget:  12 Million

Building Size: 80,000 Square Feet

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